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Charleston, SC Local Charities

Charleston, SC is a great city that's home to several local charities. These charities help children and adults with medical needs and disabilities by donating resources for equipment and other items that are not covered by insurance plans. The charities also provide money for travel and lodging so that families can attend events where they'll be helped. The organizations are local, meaning they are run and funded by people who live in Charleston or the surrounding areas; this means 100 percent of all donations go back into the community to help those in need.

Charleston Animal Society

The earliest animal protection group in South Carolina and among the oldest in the country was established in 1874 by the Charleston Animal Society. The Animal Society treated or provided care for almost 18,000 animals in 2020, spanning more than 30 species. The Animal Society also advocated for over 100 victims of animal cruelty and taught over 20,000 pupils about compassion and humane living. Charleston Animal Society, known both domestically and abroad as an example of life-saving success, accomplished the following significant feats in 2021: • No Kill Charleston Has Been Maintained for Nine Years! • Awarded Most Honored Charity in SC for 8 consecutive years! • Best in the USA Award for the Pets for Life Program! • Completed the ninth year of excellent audits! • Found new homes for more than 5,000 animals! Over 11,000 animals have been spayed or neutered! • Taught more than 20,000 kids compassion lessons! • Reconnected more than a thousand loved ones with their families! • Treated nearly 15,000 animals with medicine! • Given out almost 30,000 vaccinations! • The American Animal Hospital Association has reaccredited us as a shelter/clinic combination! The Simon Greer Mobile Spay-Neuter Vehicle was unveiled; it is the only one of its kind in the Lowcountry. • The fifth member of staff has been certified as an animal welfare administrator, which is a national record! • Increased Facebook's social media presence to over 250,000! • Extended Pets for Life to Ravenel and Hollywood! • Finished important repairs at the Bear Greer Memorial Cat Sanctuary and fenced in 5 acres of land! • In collaboration with the ASPCA, HSUS, Maddie's Fund, Best Friends, and the University of Pacific, presented at conferences, hosted webinars, and provided apprenticeships for animal welfare staff all over the world, concentrating on the strategies and tactics used by the Charleston Animal Society to lead the Southeast in lifesaving! • Participated in state legislation to transport animals


2455 Remount Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406

Pet Helpers Inc

We are committed to putting an end to the inhumane practice of euthanizing adoptable dogs and cats by providing a secure and loving environment for them until they are adopted, making financial assistance available to the public for spay/neuter procedures and emergency medical care, taking part in humane education programs, and preserving the welfare and rights of animals by pursuing animal cruelty prosecution and initiating animal welfare legislation.


1447 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412

Engaging Creative Minds

ECM is a nonprofit organization based in South Carolina that has won multiple awards on a national level and is committed to assisting educators during the school day as well as after-school and summer programs in achieving their goals. ECM does this by leveraging the arts, cultural organizations, and STEM professionals to work in partnerships with educators, principals, and superintendents during the school day, during the summer, and after school.

Our evidence-based K-12 approach is closely matched with the new ARP education recovery monies, and it boosts attendance, participation, and morale in the classroom.


7301 Rivers Ave Suite 270, North Charleston, SC 29406

Threshold Repertory Theatre

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, the Threshold Repertory Theatre is a professional theater group that operates on a not-for-profit basis and puts on theatrical performances of a high quality and entertaining nature. Through the engagement of audiences with issues, ideas, and stories, Threshold Repertory Theatre works toward the goal of enhancing our understanding not just of ourselves but also of others. The mission of the Threshold Repertory Theatre is to stretch the limits of artistic expression and stir up the audience's creative juices. We are committed to both fostering a more unified community in Charleston and expanding the economic opportunities available to artists there.


84 Society St, Charleston, SC 29401

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WINGS for kids, Inc.

WINGS for kids, Inc.

Our aim is to provide children who are at risk with the tools they need to achieve academic success, maintain their enrollment in school, and thrive in all aspects of life. Our goal for the long run is to create a world in which all children, regardless of their family's socioeconomic standing, have equal access to quality education, opportunities, and emotional well-being.

WINGS is the only social and emotional after-school program in the country that currently has favorable results that have been proven by a Randomized Control Trial (RCT, the gold standard of evaluation). Students who participated in WINGS for two years experienced significant improvements in their cognitive abilities, academic skills, behavior, hyperactivity, bullying, and relationships with peers, according to the final findings of the RCT.


476 Meeting St Suite E, Charleston, SC 29403

Florence Crittenton Programs

Unwed teens and young women can receive residential care from a program that does not discriminate based on their marital status. In addition to academic instruction and prenatal and postnatal care, the services also offer various forms of emotional and medical support.

Family development offers home-based outreach services to at-risk single-parent families with newborns and children in order to promote self-sufficiency, independence, and healthy child development. This service is provided by families that are participating in the family development program. a restricted number of available homes


19 St Margaret St, Charleston, SC 29403

What Local Charities Exist In Charleston South Carolina
WINGS for kids, Inc.
Charleston Habitat for Humanity

Charleston Habitat for Humanity

Charleston Habitat for Humanity

It is the mission of Habitat for Humanity, a Christian housing ministry that operates on a not-for-profit, ecumenical basis and is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness all over the world and making the provision of adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. The nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity welcomes volunteers of all faiths and walks of life to collaborate with low-income families in the construction of homes.


731 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403

Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center

The Junior League of Charleston noted in 1975 that there were gaps in the assistance provided to child victims in the Lowcountry as well as a lack of cooperation and communication among local agencies for the benefit of the kids. As a result, many children were suffering from the effects of abuse. The Charleston County Legislative Delegation established a committee in 1988 to investigate how our community responded to child abuse with the support of the Junior League. The committee recommended creating a center for this purpose after identifying the need for formal coordination of services for children in our community who are at risk.

The Lowcountry Children's Center, Inc., our state's first Children's Advocacy Center (CAC), was founded in 1989 under the direction of the Junior League. The CAC concept offers a "one-stop-shop" to better treat abuse victims and their families while simultaneously assisting the criminal investigation.

The Center's doors first opened at 1061 King Street in March 1991. In honor of one of its founders and a steadfast volunteer, Dee Norton, the Lowcountry Children's Center was renamed The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center (DNLCC) in 2001. To more accurately reflect the nature of the work we do for children in our community, the Center was renamed the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center in 2017.

1061 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Lowcountry Land Trust

Lowcountry Land Trust

to respect the interdependence of people and the earth by conserving important Lowcountry lands, such as active farms and forests, picturesque vistas, naturally occurring habitats, and historic landscapes, utilizing both tried-and-true and cutting-edge conservation techniques. Since 1986, the Coastal Plain of South Carolina has had 344 properties totaling more than 138,860 acres permanently protected by the Land Trust. Working farms and forests, waterways and watersheds, hunting properties, hummock islands, lively marsh tidal ecosystems, blackwater streams, and longleaf pine restoration zones are among the assets.

Land protection: the Lowcountry land trust (llt) completed three conservation easement projects and one fee simple acquisition to permanently protect an additional 3,472 acres, increasing its total protected acreage to 138,860 acres, in 2017. This was a continuation of the let's upward trajectory. It is noteworthy that a $1,000,000 nawca grant was used to purchase the largest easement in the Ace Basin, which covers over 2,800 acres. Private landowners contributed the final two conservation easements, which were added to those already in place. Additionally, a combination of monies from the East Branch Revolving Land Fund and private financing allowed for the purchase of Hyde Park Plantation (589 acres). This purchase completes decades of conservation work along the historic Cooper River corridor, both public and private. In order to identify conservation opportunities and create fresh and innovative tools for land protection, stabilization, management, and stewardship, llt has also been involved in conservation planning with conservation and community partners, the business community, and academic institutions both at the regional and local scales.

Stewardship: During the 2016 calendar year, the Lowcountry land trust conducted on-the-ground inspections of all of its protected properties (those with conservation easements, deed restrictions, and fee ownership). To supplement our yearly easement monitoring efforts, Green Eyes Aero also offered extensive aerial surveillance services. At the conclusion of our 2016 monitoring trips, we upheld a high level to satisfy the majority of landowners. We intend to learn more about landowners' protected properties as well as how we can help and be a tool to improve their work on the land by interacting with them. The restoration and mitigation projects on the keystone and french quarter creek lands were still being worked on by the stewardship staff. On Gold Bug Island, a property with a conservation easement, stewardship activities also included a living shoreline installation done in collaboration with the nature conservancy. One (1) conservation easement was amended to increase acres for the fiscal year from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017. There were none put out.

Education and Community Relations (ECR): finished a cultural survey that genuine community leaders on Johns Island. -soul ambassador events, a new component of the programming for the soul of the Lowcountry, were thoroughly created and planned out. Three (3) soul ambassadors agreed to offer educational events that imaginatively link people to land and conservation. The soul program's mission statement was also created and accepted. -hosted a business breakfast to draw attention to and spread the word about the land trust's regional planning activities and other pertinent public policy initiatives, such as the sc conservation bank and the charleston county greenbelt program. -continued implementing and carrying out programmatic rebranding activities for the company, including the creation of a new website. -used internal design and content production efforts to create targeted and improved messages for both traditional and non-traditional consumers.


635 Rutledge Ave #107, Charleston, SC 29403

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina

We are the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, a historic diocese located in the eastern part of South Carolina that is in communion with both The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. We, the Diocese, are committed to continuing the work that our Lord Jesus Christ began, just as previous generations of Episcopalians in South Carolina have done since 1789. We do this with the assurance that we will be successful if we continue to move forward together in harmony and faith, with the assistance of God.

It is highly encouraged that you get involved in the life of our diocese, as well as the lives of its parishes, missions, and other worshiping communities. The Episcopal Church will always make room for you in their congregation!


98 Wentworth St, Charleston, SC 29401

R&E Home Solutions

This content is made possible by R&E Home Solutions in Charleston South Carolina

R&E Home Solutions is a professional air duct cleaning that services the Charleston area. They understand the importance of keeping your home clean and healthy, which is why they offer comprehensive air duct cleaning services.

Their mission is to provide their customers with quality service that exceeds their expectations. They believe that every customer deserves excellent service, and they are committed to providing it every time. Their vision is to be the premier air duct cleaning company in Charleston, and they are committed to achieving it.

The Office serves Charleston and the surrounding areas including Ravenel, Folly Beach, Goose Creek, Mt Pleasant, Summerville, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, North Charleston, Charleston County, Sullivan's Island, Seabrook Island, James Island, Charleston, Johns Island, South Carolina, and Daniel Island, Charleston

They are located at 778 Folly Rd d, Charleston, SC 29412, and can be reached on +18438861658

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The United States' first public college, museum, and playhouse were all established in Charleston. The first golf club to be established in the United States was in Charleston in the year 1787. The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America, and it spans the Charleston Harbor to connect historic Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

Rice and sea island cotton were the city's primary sources of wealth in the past, which contributed to the city's ability to attract a large number of wealthy residents. Despite the fact that Charleston's hinterland lost its position of regional dominance after the Civil War, the city itself continued to serve as South Carolina's commercial hub.

One of the best neighborhoods in Charleston, Downtown Charleston is a wonderful place to go for a stroll and is home to some of the city's most notable landmarks, monuments, and historic buildings, including City Hall. Consider signing up for a guided tour prior to beginning your stroll through the downtown area of the Holy City if you are serious about gaining a deeper comprehension of the area.